About us

We’re on a mission to simplify school life

Flexischools is Australia’s #1 school ordering app and we’re on a mission to simplify school life.

We work with over 1600 schools across Australia, streamlining how canteens, uniform shops, and events are run and managed. We enable convenient cashless solutions for parents and more efficient business operations for schools.

We launched in our first school in 2008, where the founding team ran the canteen at a Sydney based high school, creating the perfect environment for experimentation, and building practical technology solutions for our customers, with our customers.

That’s the Flexischools way and we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since!

Flexischools is part of the InLoop group, an Australian company that invests in several innovative technology, data, and payment solutions.
Learn more about InLoop here.

Meet our team

  • Rachel Debeck | Chief Executive Officer

    Rachel joined Flexischools as CEO in 2023 and is an experienced business leader, with a passion for building purpose-driven businesses. 

    Rachel has experience leading and scaling technology teams across a number of different sectors to deliver community impact. Before joining, Rachel was a parent customer of Flexischools, navigating school life for her 3 sons.

    Rachel holds a Bachelor Arts/Law, a Master of Management and an MBA from MGSM. Rachel is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  


  • Geoff Austen

    Geoff Austen | Managing Director & Co-founder

    Geoff is the major shareholder and Director of Flexischools and brings considerable financial and business management expertise to the business. Geoff's previous role was as Executive Director with Macquarie Bank, where he founded and ran the Global Equity Finance and Structuring Division. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and is an accredited member of CPA.


  • Stephen Austen

    Stephen Austen | Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder

    With a background in creating and launching complex fintech platforms, Stephen has experience spanning product and systems development, technology, sales and marketing. In his current role, Stephen develops and executes the platform strategy for Flexischools, distilling complex stakeholder requirements into a simple, scalable solution to achieve our social ambitions. When he’s not rallying our product team, you’ll find piloting an aircraft or on his electric skateboard.


  • Talha Ashfaque

    Talha Ashfaque | Chief Technology Officer

    Talha is a seasoned software professional, bringing more than 12 years of experience spanning across various domains, including education, human resources and design. Before joining Inloop / Flexischools in 2014,

    Talha held the position of Business Analyst at a firm in Bahrain. Talha has a keen interest in software automation and is always on the look for areas to improve. Talha holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer & Information Systems from NEDUET.

    When he’s not thinking about software solutions, Talha likes to spend time with his wife, two kids, and Tesla (his cat).


  • Michael Austen | Head of Operations

    Michael (Mikey) joined Flexischools in 2019 and held a number of roles before leading Operations.

    Mikey works closely with our team and customers to drive innovation and efficiencies across our business. Through his time at Flexischools, Mikey has developed a deep understanding of our customer experience and sets the bar high, so we’re always striving to exceed expectations.

    Mikey has a passion for data and analytics and frequently pulls together analysis that helps us visualise ways we can improve and where to focus.

    When he's not on the phones or writing SQL, you could find him on the golf course, in a kayak, or at a local music gig.

    Mikey holds a Bachelor of Laws degree.


  • Andrew Terlich | Chief Financial Officer

    Andrew’s career in finance stretches from small business ownership to global financial markets.

    Not your typical accountant, Andrew has always sought to apply his technical skills and financial thinking ‘at the coal-face’ to achieve real business outcomes.

    With a passion for the outdoors, Andrew is a keen trail runner, MTB’er and vegetable gardener.

  • Peter Hong, Head of Product and Experience

    Peter Hong | Head of Product & Experience

    Peter joined Flexischools at the end of 2023 with a mission to drive a better product and experience for Flexischools.

    Previously at BCG, Peter led teams to build and scale over 10 products, services and businesses into market across Asia, North America and Europe. More recently, Peter was at Macquarie Bank where he grew and led a cross-functional team of designers as Head of Design within the Home Loans space.

    Outside of work, Peter enjoys travel, nerding out about tech, video games, and dancing ballet


  • Sara Linden

    Sara Linden | Customer Success Manager

    Sara joined Flexischools 8 years ago working across sales, customer support and onboarding. With a background in marketing and graphic design, Sara brings experience from the tourism, hospitality and grocery industries.

    Sara has three children and as member of her school’s P&C, was involved in the implementation of Flexischools for the canteen, later acting as the Canteen Convenor.

    Customer focus is key for Sara and she is passionate about working with our customers to drive successful outcomes.

  • Liz Troy | Customer Success Manager

    Liz joined Flexischools 9 years ago and is now Customer Success Manager. Liz was heavily involved in the primary school her four children attended being on the P&C Exec and Uniform manager and was also a Primary Ethics teacher. Liz enjoys interacting with our customers and likes to visit schools and Expos in order to build relationships.